Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

Romance comes back into your life with peace and calm - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 20 - 26 July 2020

The full moon will bring positive energy in the love life of both married and single Capricorns


This week begins with a full moon in Capricorn’s area of love. This aspect is really important due to the renovating energy it has on your affective life – especially for those of the third decan of the sign.

It will be a week of love and reencounters. Not so long ago, you didn’t seem to find the right words that expressed your love and devotion but this week, the influx of Mercury and Cancer allows better communication. You will be able to show love and harmony.

If your affective life has been conflictive or unsettling, you will find an open window that provides some fresh air in this area of your life. Things will relax a little bit this week.

If you’re single, you will have the chance to begin a new chapter in your love life. The other person could be someone you’ve known for a long time and you’ve just started seeing from a romantic perspective.

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It won’t be an easy week for those Capricorn who may feel a lot of pressure from their personal life. You may have more expenses or a family-related problem. This will make you feel tense this week and could distract you from your professional responsibilities.

You’ve been trying to grow for a while. The persistent presence of Venus in Gemini will continue to bring light to your working life. You will receive recognition and you will get interesting offers to become a member of a society or collective. You will be invited to conversations and negotiations about new ways to work.

Capricorn, this week the aspect of the Stars will benefit signing contracts and writings.

If you’re looking for a job, the Stars are still by your side.


You will have to take care this week if you’ve suffered from any discomfort you thought you had healed from.

Back pain, tendinitis, and other issues related to your bones and joints could come back to affect your mobility and your freedom. You will have to be extra careful with your health so you don’t do any exercise or effort that you know will have negative effects.