Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

Your decisions will affect your environment - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 November 2020

It will be a positive week for the issues that require you to use your technical skills and your knowledge


Love won’t be an easy territory for the natives of Capricorn this week. The presence of Venus and Mercury opposing Mars in the area of home could mean more problems than benefits.

The natives of the third decan will undergo a lot of pressure from someone they love or even their family. This will cause some problems in your relationship with them because of your unusual irritable and nervous state.

If you have to modify the situation with your family, you need to take everyone’s feelings into account before moving on with determination. Otherwise, you will cause a lot of harm to someone close.

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Your professional life will be really successful for the children of Saturn. You can expect good news and much progress. Don’t be afraid of losing your reputation, Capricorn. If you need to speak in front of an audience, the energy of Mercury in your area of work will help you. This will be particularly true by the middle of the week because the planet will start moving. This will benefit you a lot, especially if you are a native of the third decan.

If your boss has proved to be too demanding lately, don’t feel bad about it. They’re just doing their job and you will end up feeling grateful for such pressure which can eventually lead you to success. If you are the boss, you will have to put up with the criticism of your subordinates. Being strict can be difficult sometimes and you don’t like being nasty to others. However, it’s your job and your employees will accept it as long as you deal with it with dignity and respect.

If you’re a native who is studying higher education, it’s a good moment to sit for exams or give a speech.

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Capricorn, the Stars mention a tendency to urinary infections this week. You could suffer from inflammatory problems in the area of your waist. Maybe you will have lumbago problems and this may force you to postpone certain leisure activities you had planned.