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Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn for 2 - 8 May, 2022

Capricorn, you're getting closer to your destiny


Capricorn, sweet moments are coming to you. This week will bring you great joy in the area of love. You'll experience a very special warmth of home.

You'll feel especially sheltered. You should recognise the worth of your loved ones. They've gathered together so as not to leave you alone.

They're your tribe, and they'll always be by your side. You don't need to hide your emotions from them. Take your time to heal your wounds.

They respect you as the leader of the pack. Wherever your heart vibes, you'll find your true family.


The Weekly Horoscope predicts new beginnings for Capricorn. Approach them with the excitement of a child. The energy you give out is the energy you'll receive back.

The waxing Moon in Leo on the 8th will fill your soul with fire. You'll overflow with creativity. The planetary influences will make your finances prosper.

Surround yourself with trusted professionals to make your dreams come true. You're moving steadily towards the top. Your destiny is getting closer and closer.


Capricorn, your weekly horoscope gives you a wise recommendation. At work, try to help those around you whenever you can. Don't neglect your own projects, though.

You can do this and more, and you know it. Your heart is noble and kind. Helping your workmates is part of who you are and what fulfills you.

The universe is limitless. Only a fool will sabotage the progress of their fellows. Sooner rather than later all that is given comes back to you – this is the Karmic law.


Don't wear yourself out this week, Capricorn. Try to think more about your own well-being. Feed your body with nutritious food.

Avoid processed foods – they're really harmful to the body. Your health deserves only the best.

Recharge your batteries with long walks in nature. Let good company comfort your soul. This week, enjoy the happiness you'll find in simplicity.

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