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Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn for 18 - 24 April, 2022

Capricorn, your words will melt hearts


Capricorn, enjoy a good run for love. This week will be especially rewarding for matters of the heart.

Your nurturing words and your loyalty will have a healing and magnetic effect all around you. Enjoy this time in your own peaceful way.

Your love is a balm for the soul. If you're single, the time is right for finding a soul mate. You'll achieve perfect compatibility with Virgo or Taurus since they're also Earth Signs of the zodiac.


The Weekly Horoscope for Capricorns warns that the next few days could be a headache. You'll feel a bit confused when planning your finances. 

You probably think that money is hard to earn but it goes too fast

The 19th, when the Sun enters Taurus, will be the perfect day to look after your economy.

The sensible and thoughtful influence of Taurus will give you the support you need. In the meantime, you should avoid overspending. You don't want to go back to square one, right?


Your Weekly Horoscope recommends you prioritise. No matter how much of a Capricorn you are, your time and energy are limited resources. Don't tackle all your projects at once: do all your tasks individually and in order of importance.

There's a long year ahead of you so you should find the right balance between efficiency and peace of mind. You don't want to burn out and have to take time off work. You don't need to impress your colleagues – your worth is well-recognised.


Capricorn, your health could suffer a slight setback this week. The source of this discomfort will be an emotional issue.

Maybe you're somatizing an unhealed wound. Maybe you will improve with some relaxation or mindfulness techniques.

Try to bring to the surface whatever is stuck inside.

Start a healing process that will serve you forever. You'll be doing yourself a favour if you choose to expand your knowledge and evolve.

- Capricorn, check out the Weekly Prediction for the 18 - 24 of April for the other signs.