Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

It's a good week for a favourable encounter - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 16 - 22 November 2020

Don't ignore the brilliant ideas you will have when you're distracted in the shower


Your mood will change these days because you might feel very happy for some reason and very sad for another reason. Capricorn, your energy will go to one direction or the other depending on the moment. This way of experiencing your feelings will help you observe and know your true purpose – and the things you can share with others.

This Wednesday, the Moon enters your sign and brings you a certain feeling of melancholy but also an energy of transformation thanks to Pluto. Relationships could go through some difficult moments regarding the understanding of certain issues from the past that have brought you pain and frustration.

The support of your friends can help you get over these moments of sadness and you will get a new energy that will bring more joy to your day-to-day.

Going out, meeting people, and celebrations could make single Capricorn find love. The energy of Venus in Scorpio during the weekend will help you secure a passionate relationship.

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The Stars suggest the natives of Capricorn who are unemployed to start planning new ways of making money based on group movements, associations, cooperatives, or societies.

Everything related to finances will receive the favourable energy of Jupiter in your sign with the Moon. In particular, the natives of the third decan will benefit more.

The astral support your social life is receiving will bring you many financial opportunities. This week, you will have a greater ability to share and communicate with those who are part of your professional life.

It will be a favourable moment to ask for loans – especially for the natives of the first decan.

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You need to know how to enjoy the simplest moments in life if you want to improve your health. What about watching a film from the comfort of your sofa while eating some chocolate or drinking your favourate infusion? This relaxing plan will benefit your health more than you could imagine.

You will feel more creative and your mind will be full of energy: don't miss this chance and don't ignore your ideas!