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Follow your heart - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 March 2021

You will feel strong and blessed by the Stars and profoundly satisfied when you beat a rival


This will be a special week for your family and home life, Capricorn. There will be plenty of activity with the members of the family. The children of the family will require special attention; they'll be very important and you'll have to look after them.

If you're single, this can become a pretty hectic week too. The Moon in Uranus in the Earth sign can attract excentric situations with friends or people you like in general. Trust your gut and listen to your heart – this will help you celebrate and enjoy this new equinox.

You will have the opportunity of enjoying a happy relationship. Maybe it's the appearance of new love in your life or maybe it's your current relationship which will improve.

However it is, you will feel the other person's vibration on your own skin and you will connect on a sensual and intense level.

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The Stars predict a tendency to work a lot this week. You will have more work than usual and you will have to organize your time well if you want to meet deadlines and get to Friday without having lots of unfinished business.

If you're a native of the first decan, you will feel the energetic influence of the Sun from Aries. This means that you could feel pushed by someone around you who will oppose your efforts and challenge your personal power. This may make you fight a silent and subtle battle to obtain a certain position at work.

Are you looking for a job? This isn't the best week to find your ideal position. Wait for a bit longer.

If you're working for a public organism you will receive great news.


The Sun passes the soft sign of Pisces and this will make you feel the need to improve your immune system. Are you interested in vitamin supplements? Then you could talk to your doctor and decide the best option for your body and current situation. Vitamins help us function better but you know that the best way to look after your health is to exercise often, rest well, and eat healthily. All this helps your mood and your body respond to the challenges of your day-to-day.

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