Your wisdom will benefit your relationships - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 September 2020

The Stars will attract understanding and comprehension to your affective world and this will help you express love without the need for words

Capricorn Horoscope Weekly, 14-20 September 2020
Your Capricorn Horoscope for this week, 14-20 September 2020 | Magic Horoscope


This week begins with a very positive position of the Stars regarding the love life of Capricorn.

The Stars will transmit you positive energy and you will be able to enjoy a particularly good time in terms of emotions and eroticism – especially on Monday when the Moon and Venus unite in the area of the Zodiac that rules sex life. Many natives will experience effusive reconciliations where understanding, loving dialogue, and sex will be the protagonists.

You may not want to admit it but you tend to express your feelings in quite a harsh way that is not always welcome by your loved ones. However, the Stars will attract understanding and comprehension to your affective world and this will help you express love without the need for words. You will feel love just as an expression of life.

The new Moon in Virgo favours the natives of the Earth signs – like yourself or Taurus – and it will let you plant the seed for your romantic intentions in a completely new and different way.

The relationship with your in-laws will be much better these days. Take advantage of this situation and improve the way you and your political family treat each other.

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The position of the Stars this week favours growth and communication in the workplace. It will allow for many changes in your professional area.

The Stars will bring you the occasion to travel or contact people from different countries. It’s a very good moment to study and begin intellectual projects.

Thursday will be the most favourable day for those natives who are looking for a job. If this is your case, choose to have interviews or plan new business ideas on this day. You’re very good with money and you will be able to act in a very natural way.

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The Stars will make you surprisingly positive and full of energy this week. Every time you smile, you’re sending your brain the message to produce feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters which, in turn, favour your well-being. Enjoy this feeling, Capricorn!


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