Capricorn Weekly on a white rectangle on a sky background

Enjoy the calm while it lasts - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 April 2021

The Stars will help you enjoy your love life and you will let the magic of life surprise you


This week begins with promising energies for Capricorn. They will fill your life with calm and peace and you can expect exceptional days regarding your love life and relationships.

If you've distanced yourself from a friend, this is a good moment to get closer again and have a pleasant conversation. Things are very likely to go back to normal between you two. It's a very close friend and you will be happy to see that your relationship hasn't changed at all.

If you're in a relationship, this is the perfect moment to do some leisure activities together in order to boost some romanticism in your relationship. You've been through some difficulties in other aspects of your life and your affective life hasn't been exactly your priority these days.

Single Capricorn, the Stars are by your side – especially between Monday and Wednesday – if you want to start a relationship with someone.

Sunday should be a family day, Capricorn. The Moon entering Cancer will favour the understanding between relatives. Enjoy the love of the youngest in the family and the wisdom of the elderly.


The first days of the week will be very profitable for those natives who run their own business. The Moon in Taurus reinforces the possibility to make more money and open the doors to online sales through different apps and platforms. The news regarding electronic business will make many natives really happy because they will be enthusiastic thanks to the great changes they're capable of achieving.

If you're unemployed, the best days for interviews and possible meetings will be Thursday and Friday. This is when the Moon will join Mars in Gemini. This planetary movement will also benefit those natives who work in communication, transport, and face-to-face sales.


Health won't be a problem this week as long as you can control your gluttony.

Your emotional well-being these days will favour any recovery process. If you've been suffering from an illness or physical injury, this will be a very positive week for you and you will see improvements.

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