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What a great time to declare your love - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 11 - 17 January 2021

The Moon will influence your well-being so you should pay attention to the reactions of your body


Capricorn, this week promises that you will have fantastic days in the area of love. There's so much energy for you that you will find the right words to describe your feelings to your partner. Your other half will react to this inner change that has been happening in you.

Capricorn, this doesn't mean that your personality has changed. It only means that now you can enjoy an extra dose of love and you will be very happy with it.

The Moon will enter your sign late on Monday and will stay there until Wednesday. This will give you greater opportunities for understanding and love. It will be particularly useful if you're living in a difficult emotional situation.

Family life will have a special meaning. You will see some relatives you don't see very often and with whom you have lots in common.

If you're a single Capricorn, you won't escape the effects of the Moon. Someone very sweet might surprise you this week.

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Your professional life is in a moment of great activity right now.

There's a possibility for you to get a pay raise – especially if you've been waiting for a change in your conditions at work.

You will be able to leave behind certain habits or forget certain ideas regarding your material life in order to enter the current dynamic without prejudices. This will help you participate in projects or business ideas that you wouldn't have imagined before.

On Thursday, the position of the Moon in Aquarius in conjunction with Jupiter means that you could get really lucky that day. It will be a fantastic moment to be in contact again with someone who can help you decide important aspects of your future. The answers you will get will be determining for your finances this month.


The natives of Capricorn will have to be more careful with their bodies this week. You can expect water retention, especially if you've been eating food with lots of salt. There are certain foods that can make you feel bloated and tired so make sure you avoid them.

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