Capricorn Horoscope Weekly 2020

You will feel the magic of love in your life - Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August 2020

Many around you admire your intelligence and professionalism, and you will be rewarded soon


The natives of the sign of the goat will be able to relax a little bit this week. The goddess of love enters the opposite complementary sign, Cancer. This transit will particularly benefit those from the first decan who will be able to enjoy the harmonious energy of this planet. Capricorn, your tendency to appreciate beauty and calm will be crucial regarding your relationships these days.

If you’re married, you will have to make two opposing energies compatible: the feminine and subtle principle of Venus in Cancer, and the aggressive and adventurous influx of Mars in Aries. These two energies, when complemented, can create wonderful moments of enjoyment and sensuality. However, there’s still the risk to have trivial arguments because of misunderstandings in your conversations with your partner.

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You will have great opportunities in terms of space from the beginning of the week. Capricorn, you will have positive energies that favour a great performance at work. Your colleagues will be impressed and admired.

You could receive an excellent job offer that will be really difficult to accept at first. You will feel that it contradicts your family interests. Maybe this offer means that you have to move cities or maybe you will have to travel a lot and spend less time with your family.

Many natives are admired by those around them because of their intelligence, commitment, and professionalism. Everybody knows that giving you a project is a guarantee. You never let anybody down and you stick to your promises. Even if you believe this behaviour is not worth it, you are loyal to your principles and you will soon see the reward for such good actions.

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You will have to be careful with your digestive tract. Avoid overeating and excesses of any kind – especially when it comes to alcohol and fatty foods. This week, your liver and your pancreas will need you to make good choices if you don’t want to suffer the consequences of poor digestion.

By the weekend, Mars square Saturn means that you may experience certain muscular discomfort, contractures, and pain caused by injuries in your bones or a bad body posture.