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Capricorn's Personality Traits

We show you five peculiarities of this sign so you can get the idea of their personality

Of the earth signs, known for their stability and perseverance that leads them to obtain good results in those personal goals that they have,  Capricorn wins hands down because ambition is their hallmark  and it moves them towards what they want to achieve, whatever it is. Therefore, if you ask yourself what is the personality of Capricorn like, don't forget this warning: If you see it coming with strength, you better move away or they will knock you over.

Capricorn traits: 5 peculiarities of this sign

We discover five of the most peculiar peculiarities of this sign so that you can get an idea as representative as possible of their way of being.

1. Ambitious: The best adjective to define them

And we begin with one of the most marked personality traits of Capricorn. Do you wonder what it is? Definitely, their ambition. It's their desire to win, to achieve their goal, and this sign doesn't aim low, but the opposite.

Its motto is "The one who shoots the moon gets higher than who points to a tree", and so it moves through life because if you wonder what Capricorn is like in the rest of their personal aspects, you could extrapolate this way of understanding life towards others: Ambitious at work, in love and also at the time of formulating desires. Who would want to settle for less? Of course, they don't.

2. Their pride is famous

If you think they're going to give in after having shown how wrong they were, keep dreaming. This sign will endure their proud and indifference pose in front of the fact that has taken place  (and in which they haven't behaved in the best possible way) before recognizing their mistakes and rectifying.

It's not in Capricorn's personality to show what they consider to be weaknesses or imperfections when in reality it's only about mistakes that all people make. No, that doesn't go with them, clearly.

3. The most perseverant sign

And whoever is ambitious and also possesses the virtue of perseverance, can feel like a winner. And yes, the native of this sign is a winner, because having the motor that means wanting to get what they want and having enough willpower to persevere against all odds, they can say with great confidence "I'll get what I want".

And that could be the motto of the personality of Capricorn. Because their perseverance makes them invincible.

4. Highly competitive

When it comes to competing, don't ever think about throwing a pulse with them or you will lose or get exhausted to persevere, because another characteristic of Capricorn is their tremendous competitiveness. In fact, it's usually a characteristic of those who get far in very important areas, such as elite sport, high negotiation positions, politics, etc.

Few things stimulate a native of this sign more than the fact of competing with someone. In fact, it's something that some aren't very aware of, but they're still like that because they aren't able to remain impassive before the discovery that someone has something more than them or better. Their natural reaction is to get motivated to achieve the same or to do even better.

5. Truly calculating mind

Who knows what Capricorn is like, surely agrees on how calculating they can be, something that would also fit perfectly with the other attributes that are part of their personality: competitive, ambitious... for all this you need to have a cold mind  and direct thoughts to reach the proposed goal, whatever it may be.

And it's because of this way of being ruled by their way through the world that they aren't given to leave anything to chance or get carried away by improvisation. No. If something has to be done, the more checked everything is and the more tied it is, the better.

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