Capricorn Horoscope October

You need to spend more time with your loved ones - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

Many Capricorns will have to wait in order to give an important answer that can change the course of their financial life

Love: Your home is asking for your time

The position of the planets could make things a little bit stormy in your personal life. Your home – its needs and priorities – can feel like a burden to many natives of Capricorn.

This feeling of difficulties and obstacles will vanish with the passing of days. From the 14th on, when Venus and the Moon unite in Virgo, you will feel relief and you will be able to enjoy better understanding and pleasant conversations. You know that your partner is by your side – even if it can’t be all the time – and this security makes you happy and calm.

Those who are single will discover that their life will be blessed once they find a way to see others differently. Forgiveness is a powerful tool, Capricorn. You will feel good and hopeful without letting any negative thoughts of resentment take over. This will help you see the path that leads to love.

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Money: You can expect incredible progress

Many natives of Capricorn will enjoy a lot of movement in the area of work during this month of October.

Mercury will remain retrograde from the 14th and this will let many children of Saturn organize a project or writing that will improve the way you work. Maybe you will have to study the markets or find out about new ways of selling.

Many Capricorns will have to wait in order to give an important answer that can change the course of their financial life. Venus in the area of public life the last week of the month will provoke events that will bring important possibilities.

If you’re looking for a job, you will see hope from the 28th of this month. Don’t give up before this time arrives!

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Health: You will start to feel attracted to eco life

This month comes with many changes when it comes to the care of your mind and body. There’s a lot you can learn from some people who will come to you with the intention of sharing their knowledge regarding natural medicine. You will start paying more attention to the food you eat and you will choose to buy eco-friendly products.