Capricorn Horoscope November

You can expect a radical change - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for November 2020

You will live the tension of a dangerous chess game in some aspects of your life

Love: Trying to find balance

The natives of Capricorn will have the challenge to find the right balance between what they want to show the world and what’s really going in their daily life.

There’s a need for love and glamour out of the usual. You want your partner to agree to your decisions and come with you in your social situations. However, things might not go as you expected.

Venus in Libra during the three first weeks of the month will bring great challenges regarding your love and family life. Maybe one of you will be jealous of the other’s success and this could destabilize the balance. In this case, love will become a fight for power.

Friday 6th will be a day with many possibilities. Many situations could be permanently defined that day. Things won't be the same after this and your attitude will decide if the events are pleasant or unpleasant.

From the 14th on, Mars in Aries will start moving and you will be able to choose the direction of your actions with more accuracy.

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Money: Projects and illusions

It will be a very productive month for Capricorns. Maybe you will feel overwhelmed due to the many details that need an answer. Your schedule won’t leave you a single minute to rest so you’d better write down everything you need to remember. Otherwise, stress could make you forget something important.

By the middle of the month, the New Moon in your area of projects and ideas will lead you to give an opportunity to a group of friends or an ex-partner. You really want a new beginning.

Friday 13th will come with news that will change the way you project your future. Think before choosing, Capricorn, but take action before it’s too late.

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Health: Take a break

There isn’t any foreseeable health problem from the perspective of the Stars. In this sense, this will be a pretty good month for the children of Saturn. However, there will be so much movement and activity that you could end up too tired. Resting will be crucial in order to maintain your energy levels.