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Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for May 2022

Capricorn, you can expect complications in the area of emotions

Love: You need to focus on body language

Capricorn, you need to be more judgemental. This month of May comes full of challenges for you. Personal relationships will become complex.

Unfortunately, there's no user's guide for deciphering motivations. You must learn the subtleties of body language.

Too many messages are delivered without words. Learn to read them or you'll miss half the movie.

Be careful, we can't all be judged by the same rules – it's not fair nor effective. Be brave because the stars favour your personal growth.

Money: Expect delays in your finances

The Monthly Horoscope says that you should face challenges with courage. What went wrong in the past need not be repeated.

The beginning of the new month invites you to review old business deals that have been put on the back burner.

Pay attention to the entry of Mercury retrograde in Taurus on the 22nd. Economic processes will slow down.

Your great earth ally, Taurus, will help you carry out any practical matters. You might be slow but you'll only look forward, Capricorn .

Work: Renew or die, Capricorn

Your Horoscope recommends you stay alert. At work, you'll have an opportunity to add new tools to your profession.

Attend a workshop or seminar if the opportunity arises and keep a flexible attitude towards learning.

Don't let pride get the better of you. You're wise and worth a lot. Accept that your ability to develop is a privilege.

The business world is changing rapidly so make sure you stay up to date, Capricorn.

Health: It's time to cut the cord

Capricorn, the month of May will be a provocation to your peace of mind. Don't let rumours affect you. Mercury retrograde on the 22nd will put the focus on the past.

Instead of being overwhelmed, take the opportunity to close cycles and cut the cord. And this time for good.

Shut your doors to whoever you don't want by your side. They'll take the hints.

- Capricorn, check out the Monthly Horoscope for May for the other 11 signs.