Capricorn May on a sky background with shooting stars

Good news and peace in your finances - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

The doors that will bring you professional and financial security will finally open

❤️ Love: Great surprises

The first days of the month will be very pleasant for most of the natives of Capricorn. Your energy will be focused on your love life. Venus from the Earth sign of Taurus will bring you plenty of surprises. You will feel like you've been chosen by the magic fairies of love. Everything seems simple when it comes to seducing and being seduced.

The wonderful vibe that the planets bring you from Taurus could be affected by the energy of Mars in Cancer opposed if you let it control you. Try to be in control of the situations even if they don't show in a very obvious way. Certain moments of silent conflict could alter your good mood and make you feel angry in a way that you won't be able to express.

💰 Money: You will stand out at work

The best days of May to deal with your business and finances will be at the beginning of the month. This is because Venus will change signs and will enter Gemini on Sunday the 9th. This leaves you a lot of time to meet many of your objectives in the area of business.

The best moment in the month for speeches, interviews, contracts, and negotiating about your finances will be the first week of May. After this, the energy will diminish and you will be able to focus on being loyal to your workmates and show your ability to work hard.

The rest of the month will also be positive for the natives of Capricorn who work in the world of aesthetics, movements, and good communication. Your sense of aesthetics will be very good and you will make the most of all the opportunities you have. Sales will increase and you will see financial rewards that might even benefit the rest of your workmates.

If you're unemployed, this could be the month when you have the chance to leave this state of uncertainty.

👩‍⚕️ Health: You will pay more attention to your body

This is a good month to look after your physical health and stay in shape.  The Stars will be with you during the second half of the month and will help you with your well-being. You want to be proud and happy when looking in the mirror so you will do what you can in order to meet your own well-being and beauty standards.

👍 Tip of the month

Ignore those who only know how to criticise you and your life

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for the month of May are: 8, 16 and 42.

🤝 Compatibilities

The best compatibilities this May are:

Cancer and Aries in Love

Scorpio and Pisces in Friendship

Taurus and Aquarius at Work

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