Capricorn March on a sky background with shooting stars

You will live a magic romance - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for March 2021

The energy of Venus in Pisces brings great doses of sweetness in your life – nothing can go wrong in your love life

Love: Like you're living in a dream

This will be a very intense month for all the signs of the Zodiac, Capricorn, because this is the beginning of the Zodiacal year that will set the tone for the whole year. For you, this month comes with the prediction of dreamy love stories and magical relationships.

By the third week of the month, the Stars will arrange in a way that will bring you new love and excitement into your life. The natives of the second decan will per particularly susceptible to this new energy. When the fast-moving Venus joins Neptune in Piscis, it will bring a beautiful symphony of love and mysticism.

The positive aspect of these planets in your sign will boost the opportunities to develop relationships of mutual love and romanticism. However, there could be some disappointment too. If you've been avoiding the truth about a certain issue, you will inevitably find out the truth.

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Money: Take advantage of every occasion

This year has begun with many promises for you in the area of money. However, Venus moves fast and by the end of the month, it will get to the sign Aries. This means that your finances could diminish a little bit. Similarly, Mars will enter Gemini and this means that you will have to work a lot to see little results. However, you don't need to worry because you're good at managing your finances and won't suffer any negative consequences.

The energy of the Stars will make you carry out some renovations at home. Maybe you want to transform a space and improve your surroundings – with great results when it comes to the energy of the space you're working on.

You need to take advantage of every moment you have. Don't miss any occasion you have to make money. The energy of the first days of the month is strong and it's a perfect moment to resolve many issues related to communication and paperwork.

Health: Nerves

Your health is good in general. However, you need to be particularly careful when moving so that you don't get hurt. You have a tendency to be nervous this month so make sure you don't let this control you. Otherwise, you could see the effect of the tension on your health. Make sure you deal with your stress before it starts affecting you!

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