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Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for July 2022

Capricorn, spread your wings and fly

Love: Your sentimental sphere hasn't been better

Capricorn, this will be a hopeful time. The emotional peace brought by the Cancer season will continue. Slowly but surely, sentimental bonds will be strengthened.

On the 13th, the Full Moon in Capricorn will give way to a few days of happiness with your partner.

If you're single, you can't be at home anymore! Shine like the sun and share your smile.

Continue the positive momentum you started a few days ago. Don't underestimate self-love. Your energy radiates from within.

Money: Don't slow down your progress

The Monthly Horoscope recommends you keep learning, Capricorn. As a wise and rational being, you shouldn't slow down your growth. Don't be too lazy to start from scratch.

Your curiosity will stimulate and motivate you. Who says it's too late?

Don't disappoint yourself. The universe knows your soul and your potential. This month, spread your wings and start flying.

On the 5th, Mars conjunct Taurus will cause some energetic friction. Momentum meets caution.

Work: Big changes on the horizon

Capricorn, your Monthly Horoscope says that the stars have big surprises in store for you. Important changes are coming in the area of work. Don't panic – flow with the events.

Learn to ignore your fear of transformation. Change is synonymous with growth.

You'll finally dare to explore new paths. You will listen to the calls of the soul.

Reconcile heart and mind. With this powerful tandem, your deepest desires will be realistic. Communication with those in your work environment will be important.

Health: You need a break

Capricorn, you need to switch off completely. This month, you must look after the personal and professional.

But also, reserve some space for solitude – only then can emotional management take place.

The influence of Cancer will help you explore the emotions which make you uncomfortable. Self-knowledge is a very important aspect of your development. Your social relationships will be pleasant.