Capricorn Horoscope July

You could step back before you step forward - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for July 2020

This month there will be an eclipse that will be important for your emotional life

Love: Some past lovers will come back

This is the month when many will say goodbye to a situation that was no longer good. On the first Sunday of the month, there will be an eclipse in which the moon intervenes in your sign, Capricorn, and this will affect especially the natives of the second deanery, although no one from your sign and the opposite sign of Cancer will escape from this disturbing astral influence which demands to let go and make the changes that come to face them with courage.

This month will be the month of review in which all those situations that you must eradicate will happen in front of you so that once and for all you can see them and choose if you feel like living with them or if it's time to resign yourself and stop insisting on that form of love that isn't making you as happy as you expected.

If you're one of those natives who are single, the imagination will blur your memories and you will want to turn back time.  You could wake up one morning repeating an already lived breakfast, the same cups, the same tablecloth and the same answers that one day took you away from that love.

Many will discover that they are in love with a person with whom they have contact every day in their routines and will feel the fear of being rejected. A fear that is more than understandable but that sooner or later will have to be confronted.

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Money: You'll succeed in work issues

It will be a month in which you can show off your ability to dissolve the difficulties.

The struggle could be in the field of communications, written words as well as publications on social networks. You will have to take care of your expressions and show your impeccability and seriousness to obtain the respect you deserve.

From Monday the 13th, Mercury in the sign of Cancer comes out of its retrogradation and begins to show the advance of certain issues related to papers, trips, management and contracts.

Sales may also increase and the natives of the sign of the goat could obtain interesting benefits in their economic life.

Health: Nice and healthy

This month, the natives of Capricorn will feel that they are much more attractive, that the mirror gives them back an image with which they feel pleased and this will stimulate them to continue making efforts to look good.

Changes in your diet and a little exercise will make a difference.