The Capricorn sign in white on a black starred background

Believe in your fate - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

An extraordinary astral position will bring you the results of your actions to your material world

Love: Light

From Saturday, 9th of January, Venus will enter your sign and shed its light on the affairs of the heart of Capricorn.

These days will be full of love and warmth and you'll be able to find the answers you were looking for in the eyes of your partner. You need to talk about many things regarding responsibilities and common issues. You will have fun together dealing with these plans and negotiations.

Mars in good aspect will bring you energy for seduction. If you're single, this means that you will have the opportunity to activate a romantic relationship you're interested in. This position of Mars will enhance your sensuality. Any effort to seduce that person will work because it will have a reciprocal effect.

Many natives will start talking about wedding plans or moving in together. Others will consider adding a new member to the family. However, all these ideas and plans will come without tension or demands. It will be a month of excitement and pleasure.

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Money: Juicy results

This year will be different for the natives of Capricorn – and you will start feeling it from the first month! Mercury entering your sign will be a great help for your finances and sales.

You will beat your own mark this January. You have the support of many planets in your sign and the sign of Aquarius; this will secure your professional life so you can expect many good results this month. After all, you've made great efforts these last months and it was about time you had a reward – and what a reward!

By the end of the month, Venus will join Pluto and this will bring big changes to the possessions of Capricorn. You may experience a surprise that could change your perspective on material things.

Health: Plenty of activity

Your nervous system could feel overwhelmed after too much activity and stimuli in every area of your life. When Mercury is passing by your sign, you may feel like you're using too much energy. You will be going through so much and there will be so many sensations involved, that it will be difficult for you to relax and sleep at night. One thing you can do to balance these planetary energies is exercise. Work out during the day and your endocrine system will be ready to deal with all these challenges!

Your body is wise; listen to its natural rhythm and follow it.

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