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New hopes in your love life - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

Many natives will have the opportunity to finally achieve that professional success they've been dreaming about

Love: Relationships will move forward

This month of February will be different, Capricorn. Many natives have been through severe emotional difficulties lately. The losses you've experienced in your emotional life have left deep wounds that won't heal easily.

The first days of the month will come with a challenge. There are certain alignments that will make you go through difficult moments.

On Monday 9th, the Stars will bring a very intense inner vision. The Moon in your sign joins Pluto and brings the natives of the third decan a pain that comes from the past in order for you to get over it and heal.

Jupiter and Venus will continue strengthening the feelings of the natives who are looking forward to securing their relationship. Those who have a partner could make a more serious move and relationships will become more formal.

Mars will help those natives who are too shy to talk to their crush. It's time your dreams start coming true!

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Money: Complete success

You won't believe how lucky you can get this month! Your wealth will grow like it's never grown before thanks to the energy of Jupiter in your area of finances.

Those natives who are under 24 will have it easier to leave their parents' home – if this is your intention.

If you've had difficulties to secure your job or a professional relationship, you will be able to meet these goals without difficulties this month.

Capricorn, the past experiences have worn you out but you've been able to embrace your life with hope and trust. This has opened many doors and now you are about to receive opportunities you could have never imagined before.

But be patient. Don't expect to move on or sign any document before the 21st of February. This day is when Mercury will stop retrograding and will finally allow you to succeed.

Health: Strength and power

Your health will be perfect during the whole month of February, Capricorn. Your stamina will be boosted by the good relationship between the vigorous planet Mars in Taurus and your Sun. The harmony of this configuration will bring your health much positivity – especially if you're receiving a medical treatment right now.

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