Capricorn Horoscope August

Control your impulses and your temper - Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

If you’re young this could be the month you leave home and look for new horizons

Love: Watch out your temper

Those born under the goat sign will be influenced by many opposed energies so this will be an unforgettable month for you.

Mars in the area of your home life suggests you should be more patient. Don’t lose your cool when interacting with others. Otherwise, too many fights and confrontations will wreak havoc on your family life. This is particularly important for those who are married.

If you’re young this could be the month you leave home and look for new horizons. Your independence will start soon!

This Saturday, Venus – the planet of love and desire – will enter the area of Cancer and this will have a very positive influence in your love life, Capricorn.

The last days of the month you will feel that your life is happy and pleasant. You will find a way to talk calmly and respect each other’s freedom if you have been through difficult times in your relationship.

Single Capricorn, the Stars are by your side if you want to begin a relationship. This person that you have let in your life will teach you new ways to live love.

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Money: Your financial life will give you a break

The Stars show a complex tendency that will make the natives of Capricorn be very cautious when it comes to manifesting their ideas. Express yourself carefully or you could damage a professional connection of yours. Being irrational and impulsive could lead you to an argument with a boss or an important client and this could end up in financial loss – which is something you want to avoid.

Your family life will take lots of your time and you won’t be that devoted to your job. That’s why you need to find supportive colleagues or partners that help you meet your objectives and prevent you from getting into bigger trouble.

If you have debt to pay, you will have a break. Maybe you will be given more time to pay or you will finally put an end to this problem and pay off everything.

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Health: Balance is the solution

According to the Stars, your health will be balanced and without serious problems during the month. However, the Stars show you will have a tendency to overeat and you will allow yourself to commit unnecessary excesses. Be careful, stay healthy, and try not to overdo anything; otherwise, your body will suffer the consequences – this is particularly true for those natives of the second decan.