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You will receive a reward for your effort - Capricorn Horoscope 2021

Everything you learned in the past will help you get through life this new year

Love: Sparks of Love

This year all the difficulties of the last season will come to an end, Capricorn. The Stars have been very demanding with you when it comes to your emotional life. There have been constant, intensive changes. Luckily, you will be able to enjoy and relax now that 2021 comes as a pleasant time for you.

From April on, the position of the Stars will benefit your love life and Venus and Mercury in Taurus will bless your romantic life. This disposition will bring a surprising reality to the love life of the natives of Capricorn.

A love from another galaxy could arrive with the New Moon in Taurus. Is there a wedding you’ve been waiting for long to happen? You will receive the kindest and happiest presents from the Sky.

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Money: Unique Opportunities

This 2021, the great Jupiter and Saturn – your ruling planet – will transit your area of finances during the whole year. They will give you great conditions for progress.

The year will begin in a very intensive and active way for finances and the professional issues of Capricorn. Venus and Mercury will transit your sign and will give you better access to your professional wishes and projections.

This May, you will feel the positive astral conditions retract the economy so that you can take some time for your material life. This will happen when the Sun sheds its light on Uranus and carries out a change in the conditions of a business or project that promises great returns.

Uranus from the Earth sign Taurus will continue being favourable for the business of Capricorn – especially those natives of the second decan.

Health: You’re Allowed to Rest

The natives of Capricorn will have to make an effort and give their bodies and mind the attention they need during 2021. You’ve suffered from stress for a long time and this can bring you consequences this year.

You will be kinder to yourself and less demanding. You will allow yourself to rest and enjoy more free time. All this will have a very positive effect on your health.

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