Capricorn Horoscope Monday 2020

Respecting your wishes will be crucial - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, November 9, 2020

You will be on the right track as long as you respect your wishes and do things in a good mood


This Monday you will feel a fantastic vibration from the Stars, Capricorn. This dynamic energy will affect all the romantic relationships you may be experiencing.

You can expect new beginnings and inspiration in your love life. You are aware of your sensuality and you are in consonance with your desires. If you are in a stable relationship, this can make your bond revive again – your connection will be full of life.

If you’re in a relationship that’s just started, it will go well as long as you have good feelings about it. Love is guaranteed.

If you’re single but looking for a romantic experience, you’re very likely to know someone who will have youthful and lively energy. This person is willing to live moments of intimacy with you.

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Your intellect will receive favourable energies that will confirm you’re going the right direction. If you’re studying at university, you can be happy because the Stars offer you their support.

You will experience good vibrations in everything related to your career. You’re definitely on the right track, Capricorn. If you used to have doubts regarding what you really wanted, you will receive a sign that will make you feel certain about your decisions.

You may be involved in a conflictive situation that will make you feel it’s the end of the world. However, you don’t have to worry too much. Just wait for this difficult time to pass and you will be able to avoid complications.

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The Stars say that the health of the children of Saturn is good. However, you shouldn’t get too distracted from your routines because you might forget something important. If you need to take some medicine regularly, you should set a reminder on your phone because your day-to-day activities could make you forget.

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