Capricorn Horoscope Thursday 2020

Keep on going! - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, July 9, 2020

If you get a glimpse of your most desired future, don't let it slip away, run after your desires


You'll enjoy the arrival of the pacifying energy of the moon in the sign of Pisces and that is why you'll allow yourself to give yourself up to the joy of sharing the simplicity of everyday life with those closest to you.

The relationship between the moon and Uranus in transit could bring into your life the surprising declaration of love from a person different from what you are used to although you already knew it in your heart, the declaration will bring you certainty.

If you have children in the family it will be a great day to play different board games at home and share some laughs and joys. Capricorn, you will like to feel the closeness of these loving creatures and you will strengthen the family bonds.

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The presence of Venus in Gemini continues to give strength to your job situation. You could be rewarded by your bosses for your excellent professional performance. It will be important that you lean on this energy to give positive balance to the efforts that the return of Saturn to your sign demands and that will affect especially the natives of the third deanery.

To get what you want you'll have to be diligent and not waste time. Natives who are looking for jobs may receive calls about a very interesting vacancy.

The lucky number for those of your sign for today is 35. This number brings certainty when deciding a path in material matters. It leads you to approach your professional affairs with the aim of reaching your goals with joy and strength. Lean on this number to achieve fortune.


You may have skin reactions due to the stress and demands of your daily life.  The stars will influence you during the day to a special susceptibility and propensity to allergic states. Use a special lotion prescribed by your trusted doctor.