The sign of Capricorn in half a purple circle

Don't make radical decisions - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Are you aware of the way you breathe? You will benefit from learning some breathing techniques


The influence of the Moon will help you understand your partner’s needs, Capricorn. However, the fact that you can understand them doesn’t mean that you are willing to agree with them.  Part of you doesn’t want to do what your partner is asking for. Maybe you’ve had some issues with money or coexistence lately and this has caused difficulties with the other members of the family.

The Stars bring you a sense of growth when it comes to your sex life or your intimacy. In order to open up to a new emotional stage, you will have to make your body and heart vibrate with the same feeling.

If you’re single right now, you should leave behind any resentment and experiences from the past so that you’re ready to begin a new romantic stage.

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Saturn – your ruling planet – is about to change signs and will soon move to your area of money and possessions. This will particularly affect those natives who feel that still need to perfect their professional lives. There’s a need to evaluate whether there’s something that needs improvement and even to leave behind anything that isn’t worth fixing.

A very intense energy will affect the natives of Capricorn today so you shouldn’t rush into any decision you might end up regretting. It’s a favourable day for observing and waiting before starting a new chapter.


Once you manage to quieten your thoughts and improve your well-being you will be able to rest better. Try the wonders of aromatherapy: the sweet and delicious smell of lavender can help you relax and it induces sleep. Bergamot, jasmine, or sandalwood can also bring you the calm you need in order to have a fantastic day.

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