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You will feel full of energy - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, January 8, 2021

Someone from the past will come back after a long time and will affect your emotional life


Tonight, Capricorns will have to be extra careful when it comes to their love life.

Someone from your past will come back and will create instability in your partner's emotions. You could become the centre of a conflict of jealousy and suspicion that will generate distance and arguments. Your life isn't always an easy one, Capricorn!

You can avoid communication problems with your partner if you really make an effort. It won't be easy for them to understand the importance of your past. However, your attitude will be determining when it comes to helping your partner feel loved and in the right place. If you've just started living your romance, you will enjoy a passionate reconciliation thanks to the stimulus of Mars in your area of romance and pleasure of the Zodiac.

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Most natives of Capricorn will receive the influence of Mars square Taurus and Saturn. This can make it difficult for you to tell the difference between your feelings and your duty. An annoying and hostile energy could tarnish your workspace because of some money-related issues.

The lucky number of Capricorn today is 44. This double number is very powerful and magical. Its strength will guide you and help you make the most efficient decisions – and consequently will get you the best material results.


You feel great, Capricorn. Your energy and vitality are optimal and you will be strong thanks to Mercury in your sign. This will help you think quickly and intelligently.

You will perceive your physical and emotional needs easily and you will have a very balanced day.

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