The Capricorn sign with a purple background

Take every point of view into account - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, January 7, 2021

There's much you can do in order to improve the general state of your joints so start working on it now


Difficult times come for those Capricorns who are parents. Your life with children will bring you some complications. You will have to devote some extra time to family, education, and sibling bonding issues that will probably lead to uncomfortable arguments. Maybe the problem is that your partner doesn't agree with the way you want to address the issue. You should talk about the obligations you have regarding your children and negotiate your role. Avoid being aggressive during the negotiation.

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Many of your colleagues are very modern. Their tendencies and interests are new and attractive but you won't feel that comfortable when it's time to implement them in the workspace.

However,  try to show a dynamic attitude and wait until you know all the details regarding a certain issue. Only then you will be able to take action regarding any material issues.

The lucky number for Capricorn today is 18. This number invites you to be more serious and have a wiser approach when dealing with certain issues.


The natives of Capricorn have a tendency to suffer from shoulder pain and you might experience such a condition today. The arrival of Mars in Taurus can being more tension to your cervices, shoulders, and shoulder blades. Your spine is your weakness and that's why you're more likely to suffer from pain there.

If you suffer from tendinitis or contractures after making an effort, you could hire the services of a professional masseuse. You can also change your diet. If you avoid red meat, aubergines, and wheat flour, and start adding more nuts, your joint will become stronger.

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