Capricorn Wednesday  on a sky background with shooting stars

You deserve to have fun - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Today will be a special day for the finances of many natives thanks to the good energy of the Stars


Do you feel lonely, Capricorn? A relationship is over and now you find it difficult to go back on track but it's not easy after going through what you've had to go through. However, this can't be your excuse to stop living love. You need to leave your fears behind and start living a different type of relationship: a simpler love with more freedom is waiting for you.

Do you want to use an app to meet someone? Don't be embarrassed! It can be a very funny way of getting to know new people! Life is short and it's time to enjoy it, Capricorn!

If you've been married for a long time, you can give each other some space and freedom. This freedom will help you be more passionate too.

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The favourable conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter in your area of money can make many natives feel lucky today.

If you've just started a project or you're setting up a business, this can become more profitable than you had imagined. Good luck is by your side today so trust your ability to do business.

It's a good moment to invest some money. This can also mean that you can invest in education. Have you thought about going to university? Is there any course that you'd like to take? Or have you considered going on a trip?

This energy will be very positive for you. Your home or your family could be the space from where you will start projecting your dreams.


It will be a very good day for the health of Capricorn. However, you will have to moderate your gluttony a little bit today.

You will have cravings for sugar. Maybe you will have a sweet tooth or maybe your body will ask for carbohydrates. Whatever it is, remember that eating too many of these foods can be negative for your health. Also, try to reduce your alcohol and fried food intake. Your liver will thank you!

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