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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Friday, May 6, 2022

Capricorn, be your biggest fan


Capricorn, don't be so demanding with yourself. You're a bit low in spirits today. But you can't always be in a good mood.

You should treat yourself with more self-respect. Your inner dialogue is important as it sends powerful messages to the subconscious.

You wouldn't mess with a good friend when they've hit rock bottom. Why would you do it to your own self? Watch your words and talk to yourself with respect.

Allow yourself to have a bad day. Be, in the end, your best friend and biggest supporter.


The Daily Horoscope celebrates that you can now breathe calmly, Capricorn. Today you'll find great satisfaction in your finances. The budget you set in motion has been a resounding success.

You have exceeded all your expectations and you've found the key to managing your finances. Your methods may not be the most orthodox but they work.

It's about your money and this is what really matters. You're cautious and should keep up the good work. Try to avoid sharing too many details which fall within the sphere of your intimacy.


Your Horoscope recognises a tendency towards frustration. Be very careful today, Capricorn. Your kind and calm nature will be altered dramatically.

You can't stand injustice and today you could witness such a situation at work. Your noble character will make you react with all your senses.

You'll burn like a fire ready to defend a person. But you should try to control your impulses. Avoid using words you could regret.


Capricorn, stay alert. Your eagerness to progress may cause you to neglect your health. Be careful, you're entering a dangerous spiral.

There will always be some matter which requires your attention. Get on solid ground and get your priorities in order and you must start with your inner self. Sort out your thoughts.

A certain mental distortion prevents you from looking after what's really essential: yourself. Be careful because all these problems could come from a lack of self-esteem.

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