The Capricorn sign surrounded by stars

You will shine with a kind light - Capricorn Horoscope for Saturday, March 6, 2021

You're wondering whether you've been the only one preventing yourself from living a happy love story


Capricorn, you can expect a very happy and pleasant Saturday. The influence of the Stars will favour all the natives in general, but those born during the first decan will be particularly blessed by the influence of the Moon getting close to their Sun.

You will make everyone around you happy today.  The Stars bring you plenty of confidence in your own feelings. This energy will help you feel loved by those around you and you will seek their company.

If you're single, don't lose hopes because love is near, Capricorn. Someone around you might have been looking at you with different eyes lately.

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The energy of the Stars will push you to shed a different light on your projects at work. You can show your creative and happy side. This will help you attract new clients to your business  or service thanks to the conjunction of the Sun with Neptune – which will help you perceive the desires of society.

Getting to know new technologies or communication systems in order to become more efficient will be today's challenge for you. Mercury in Aquarius will help you be more curious regarding and it will allow you to feel stimulated when experimenting with novelty. You won't be afraid of failure. You will feel attracted to the unknown and the fact of being the one learning instead of the one teaching will be very fulfilling for you.


It's a very important moment for the healing of illnesses.  You need to trust the wisdom in nature and your body. It's not about faith, Capricorn, it's about science and physics. If you're undergoing certain treatment, don't interrupt it and let it work as it's supposed to.

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