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Your Daily Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, July 6 2021

Sometimes there's nothing left for you to do, Capricorn









❤️ Love

Capricorn, you're quite tired after yesterday's emotional changes. You don't feel like proving anything to anybody – neither to your partner nor to your friends. However, they really need to know.

You don't need to do it today if you don't want to but you shouldn't forget about them.  They've been by your side all the time whenever you needed them. They've always thought about you.

Your Daily Horoscope says that you shouldn't fight for something that can't be fixed. You're stubborn and this could make you focus on things that won't work out well. 

💰 Money

Your prediction for the area of work is quite positive, Capricorn. Your love life may have gone through some hard times but you know that your work is a safe value.

The natives of Capricorn are known for their tenacity and their fighting spirit, that's why you shouldn't worry about this area of your life.  

If you're looking for a job, maybe  it's time you make some changes to your CV. Ask for help if you think it's necessary. You know that many people would do it.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Capricorn, you need to stop thinking that everything can fall apart. Quite the contrary. If you think like that it's more likely to happen! 

That's why you must try to be positive and thankful for all the good things that are happening to you – and your family.

Today can be a good day because everything is stable when it comes to your health prediction. There won't be any significant changes.

👍 Tip of the day

You can't bring back the things that have ended

⭐ Capricorn Celebrities

These are the Capricorn Celebrities for the 6th July:

- Mel Gibson

- Zooey Deschanel

- Greta Thunberg

🍀 Lucky numbers

These are your lucky numbers for this Tuesday: 2, 6, 63, 99

🤝 Compatibilities 

Capricorn, these are the best compatibilities for today:

Sagittarius and Pisces in Love

Sagittarius and Pises in Friendship

Aquarius and Aries at Work

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