Capricorn Horoscope Monday 2020

You will show your affection with specific facts - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, July 6, 2020

Things could be better in your romantic life, but don't complain, work if you want to improve


You'll feel lighter after the emotions of the weekend. You never give up in spite of the difficulties and that is why those who feel your love value you. You don't leave the continuity of your relationship to chance, you hold it tightly even if the ship seems to be sinking, Capricorn.

For the natives of the sign of the goat, relationship matters are not as well as they would wish but they won't let this day go by without showing the love that they feel.

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Uranus from Taurus gives an air of renewal to the natives of the second deanery who won't cease to be surprised by the news that will reach their ears. Bad news can turn into blessings in the future even if you cannot see it that way now.

You'll have to pay special attention to a person who seems to be playing against your interests and could harm you. Envy and the desire to win at all costs can be the driving force behind actions that are very harmful to your professional life, Capricorn.

Natives who are looking for a new job will start thinking about starting independent projects.

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Your skin could be suffering the consequences of the weather.  Wind, sun, cold or heat are all factors that can damage skin health at any age. Protecting this aspect of your health seems to be the result of a vain attitude, but it is very important. The skin is part of your sensitive areas.

There are key foods in a diet that not only improve your skin but also give you more energy to face the day and its demands. Carrots rich in beta-carotene, citrus fruits rich in vitamin C will help give your skin firmness and another brightness and at the same time strengthen your defences.