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Your heart will be confused - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

This new year you should wish for some reason that helps you perceive love with more simplicity


There's a negative influence from the stars on the natives of Capricorn. You may find it difficult to express your feelings – especially love. Venus in your area of the unconscious may prevent you from expressing yourself freely. Some situations at work may make it more difficult for you to give in to your family or partner. Everything seems to oppose your emotional needs and these are demanding more attention than you can pay.

Single Capricorn, you may spend your day thinking about love and dreaming about the non-existent romance between you and someone from work or authority. The Moon in Libra makes this moment of your life very confusing.

This type of astrological movement usually creates love fantasies and extra sensitivity. However, don't worry because it will be just today and you will soon get your feet on the ground.

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Mercury in your sign keeps giving you great possibilities for expansion. However, you may manifest yourself in a very harsh and competitive manner.  It's a great moment for you and you will see the results of the efforts you've been making for more than one year now.

Your finances could improve. Actually, you feel that everything is becoming better now that you see your possibilities of expansion.

The Stars warn you about the important need to leave behind this tendency of always seeing the negative side of everything. You worry too much many times. This is a negative attitude and it makes you see problems where there's nothing wrong. This aura of pessimism is very negative for your adventurous spirit.


If there's a certain symptom that keeps repeating and coming back, you may have to stop ignoring it. Make an appointment with your doctor because you don't want that little problem to become something serious, Capricorn.

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