Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Sunday, June 5, 2022

Capricorn, you owe your own destiny


Capricorn, today's Horoscope invites you to start the week with positivity. You manifest an echo of what dwells in your head. Do the test: act in a conscious way, watch your thoughts, and quickly let go of negative ideas.

Instead, look for a more hopeful option. With this continued practice, your view of the world will change.

Your relationships will change as a result. You alone are responsible for your destiny.


Capricorn, the Daily Horoscope for today supports your decisions. The current transit of the stars gives permission for the creation of new projects. Remember, the world is first built within you.

Set your fortune in motion by activating the connection with abundance. This is a visualisation exercise. Watch the movie of your future over and over again in your head.

Pay attention to the details, how you dress or how you feel. Little by little, you'll open the doors to prosperity.


Capricorn, cheer up! Your emotional state is close to affecting your work. You usually feel like a superstar: your opinion is respected and your colleagues come to you for advice.

Your sign equals knowledge and your battling attitude never disappoints. Take advantage of this feeling of appreciation to break out of your current state.

You have to start somewhere. If the path goes too uphill, find a shoulder to lean on. Professionally, you always know how to get better.


Capricorn, the result of recent events is manifesting itself in your body. You feel exhausted! You need to rest properly.

Earth signs are composed of a denser energy – they're ruled by matter. Make sure you sleep well and for plenty of hours.

In this absolute peace, your mind will be balanced again. You shouldn't demand so much of yourself.

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