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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Capricorn, there's no love more beautiful than that which we feel for ourselves


Capricorn, the love we feel for ourselves is fundamental for our well-being. If you want to show those around you how much you care, you need to appreciate yourself first. That's how you'll be able to feel this emotion sincerely.

Make the most of this Tuesday to pamper yourself and appreciate how wonderful you are. Don't be too demanding with yourself and stop invalidating your emotions. You're very special and the stars know it.


The Daily Horoscope reminds you that obsessions aren't good so try to stop this craving for money. Your finances are pretty stable right now so stop worrying about hypothetical scenarios. Focusing your attention on silly issues could take its toll on you in the long run.

The money you so desire will come when you least expect it. Try to think positive and Saturn will listen to you, Capricorn. Try to save a little bit and spend only when you really need it.


Your Horoscope reveals that fortune is on your side at work and your colleagues and superiors seem to appreciate your efforts. Today you will have to keep up the motivation to improve. Show the world that you're a warrior, Capricorn!

Make the most of this positive energy to schedule and organise your holidays. You should try to improve your working conditions. Don't take advantage of your workmates but always try to look out for your own interest.


Capricorn, do you think that this character is threatening your happiness? Then you should stay away from them. There's always time to change what you don't like  in order to feel at peace.

Don't think it twice – you shouldn't let toxic behaviours tarnish your soul with negativity. Your emotional health should always be your priority. Look after it and you'll enjoy stability.

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