Capricorn Horoscope Friday 2020

Trust has a direct effect on your relationships - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, September 4, 2020

Accepting your body the way it is with its perks and its flaws is the first step to well-being


Those who live with their partner will suffer the negative energy of the planetary alignment that is currently affecting you.  When you share everything with someone else, you need trust and reciprocity. A good relationship must go along this line in order to be successful. Even if it’s not in a romantic relationship – we can also talk about a family who lives together –, if this pillar falls, the situation becomes tense automatically.

Just like you give, you also need to take sometimes. Love is all about reciprocal love and care. If you feel that this isn’t happening, now is a great moment to put an end to this dynamic.

The Stars collaborate with the natives of your sign when it comes to drastic changes and new beginnings. Saturn will give your needs a touch of seriousness and you could feel afraid or doubtful. You may feel that your needs aren’t entirely valid or that you’re too hard on others. Actually, you’ve already been told so whenever you ask for something. You have been labeled and it seems that nothing will change it. But Capricorn, you know what you deserve and you’re fully aware of what you give others so don’t devalue yourself.

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You need to be aware of the useless and price items that call your attention. You feel like buying something every time you receive a new catalogue in your mailbox but you know your financial reality is another one. Your natural tendency to save money will come back today.

You may have to work long hours today. You want to finish projects or tasks such as presentations.

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Accepting your body the way it is with its perks and its flaws is the first step to well-being. You shouldn’t let anybody or anything you see on the media influence you.

The anxiety these parameters could give you can become dangerous. Your body is what it is, full stop. You need to love and respect yourself if you want to stay healthy.