Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

Your happiness depends on you - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, October 4, 2020

The conjunction of the planets makes you contact your future and everything you can get from it if you decide to open your heart


Capricorn, it’s time you stop thinking about those memories that only evoke sadness and sorrow. The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in an Earth sign makes you contact your future and everything you can get from it if you decide to open your heart.

When you’re alone, you dream about living romantic situations but when you have the chance, you don’t let these stories happen because you’re afraid of seeming too weak or soft. The problem is that you have trouble living in the present. You tend to go back to your past and remember other times but your energy gets stuck there and you need to get it back to the present.

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The Moon in the joyful and earthly Taurus will bring you the security you need in your finances. If you’re thinking of getting a loan in order to buy a house, you will decide to spend this Sunday planning everything regarding the interests and financing details.

This Moon is very beneficial to understand the enjoyment of your own home and it will also favour any savings plan that you have with a certain objective. Setting a goal under the influence of this planetary alignment is very beneficial for the Capricorn goats – especially the young ones who have started foreseeing their future.

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You feel a dull ache in your chest and you’re afraid of suffering from coronary disease.

Have you ever heard of a gland called thymus? It’s one of the many glands that plays an important function in your immune system and it’s very sensitive to emotions.

Being happy and in balance now is more important than ever for you.  Remember that this balance between mind – ideas – and feelings is essential in order to feel healthy. This harmony is crucial when it comes to maintaining your well-being.

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