The Capricorn sign with a purple background

Your emotions will control you - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, March 4, 2021

Your inner world will become so important that you won't be able to ignore your emotions


Capricorn, you still have some unresolved issues that need your attention in an important relationship. You may have been too excited or naïve regarding a delicate issue that requires care and analytic abilities. Your dreams or fantasies should occupy another space and never influence your choices in this case. Otherwise, you could experience internal and silent pain today.

Emotions are delicate, Capricorn, and you will feel very sensitive today. You may choose to hide behind a mask and spend the rest of the day in solitude.

It can be a difficult day but you need to take a break and allow yourself to feel weak or confused. Days like this are necessary in order to achieve the clarity you need. Soon, you will feel much better.

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The presence of Mercury in Aquarius – your area of possessions – will bring you benefits and even a raise. Maybe your salary will rise or someone will pay back their debt. Whatever happens, you will receive some money that will help you solve some household problems.

The lucky number for the children of Saturn today is 19. This number represents The Sun in the Tarot Arcana, and it describes triumph and happiness. Your achievements are about to show!


You could feel certain fears, melancholy, or the feeling of loss that originate in your dreams. This can cause you problems because of the intensity of the images or feelings you're about to receive. Capricorn, you will live this moment differently whether you're a man or a woman: if you're a man, you won't be so much in touch with your feelings and you could feel that your psychic integrity is in danger.

Spend half an hour every day meditating or doing relaxation exercises and you will soon feel the benefits of such a practice.

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