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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Saturday, June 4, 2022

Capricorn, put yourself first


Capricorn, the Daily Horoscope invites you to switch off a bit. Stop turning around so much, otherwise you will fall into a pit of stress. Enjoy the weekend ahead of you.

It's all calm so you can relax. You don't have to push yourself every day. This is a limiting belief that is leading to burnout.

As with any journey, stops are important. Clear your mind and live with joy. Rest is vital to get back on the road stronger.


Capricorn, don't take your work home with you. Allow yourself to enjoy your freedom. To preserve your mental health, add healthy habits into your routine.

As an earth sign, you're closely linked to your body.

Do you know what mental hygiene is? You need to get rid of your mental debris. They're recurring thoughts that get you nowhere.

Let go of what's beyond your control. Set a time to work and a time to live.


Capricorn, let go of expectations. You're demanding of yourself and those around you. Flow and let go, and lower your intensity.

Don't give your friends a hard time for being five minutes late. If you learn to take it easy, you'll be happier. Laugh at yourself – it's the best way to free yourself from the tyranny of your ego.


Capricorn, your Horoscope for today recommends you take good care of yourself. This weekend, pay attention to your emotional well-being. Spoil yourself if you have to.

Always choose a happy environment. Surround yourself with positive friends who encourage you to grow. Go back to your special places or listen to music that makes you feel good.

It all counts: eating your favourite food or watching your favourite series on the sofa. Stay away from those toxic souls who judge you excessively. Be selfish and think about your happiness.

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