Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday

Start planning your future - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The changes you've been through lately may have left you confused and a little bit lost


Capricorn, the Moon in Scorpio favours your emotional world and this means that you will be willing to listen to and help your loved ones whenever they need it. If you are married, you will be willing to sacrifice certain things in order to make your spouse happy.

The positive aspect of the Moon in your Sun will give you new possibilities in the area of family and will boost your ability to understand each other. You will enjoy balance between your feelings and your personal needs.

Capricorn, you will receive the invitation to a meeting or party with friends. If you're single, this could be the perfect occasion to meet new people. Of course, if you have a partner, you will go and enjoy your social life together.

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This is a time when you can forget about certain responsibilities that aren't exactly yours but that have taken much of your energy lately. You can change your attitude now that you know exactly what you want and what you need right now.

The lucky number for the natives of Capricorn today is 404. This number will attract confidence and security when planning your future from your heart. Your effort, your intelligence, and your strength will be everything you need to get over today's challenges and to plan the future you want.


This positive position of the Stars will favour your health. You shouldn't expect any problem but the energy Mars is projecting in Gemini will make you prone to sudden movements so you could suffer from little domestic accidents like cuts or scratches.

Just try to be careful when moving and take deep breaths. This will bring your cells more oxygen and will fill you with positive energy.

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