The Capricorn sign with a purple background

You will listen to your intuition - Capricorn Horoscope for Thursday, December 31, 2020

The wounds of the soul will heal and your personal relationships will improve thanks to the sweet influence of the Stars


Many conversations will stimulate your will to begin a new path in life together with your partner, Capricorn. Moving together – maybe to another city – or adding a new member to the family are possibilities that will come to you this last day of the year. This will leave a particular mark in your memory.

Many natives of Capricorn have been through very difficult times this 2020. That’s why now you have hope in a new and better family life. The youngest natives will spend a perfect day together with their closest relatives.

The feelings are warm and loving in general. If you’re single, you may live a moment of happiness and enthusiasm in your emotional life. A new horizon can emerge in your heart. You will get over a situation of loneliness and this will help the wounds of your soul heal.

The best relationship today will be with the natives of Gemini thanks to the presence of Venus in the sign of Sagittarius.

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The Moon from Cancer will give you plenty of intuition that will result in great inspiration. You will see the direction you need to take and the best path for you when it comes to finances. Jupiter in your area of economy will also help you. Capricorn, maybe you will finally understand that it’s time you begin your own business and you get rid of obsolete structures.

An inspiring number for the children of Saturn today is 10. This auspicious number talks about great changes and improvements in all the areas in your life.


You will be as strong as an ox. This is a time of great strength and energy thanks to the influence of the Sun in your sign. Avoid eating and drinking too much if you don’t want to begin the new year with a hangover!

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