Capricorn Horoscope Monday 2020

You will leave your past behind and find happiness - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, August 31, 2020

You will let go of the fears in your life and you will start moving towards your dreams


The Moon in Aquarius will help you get rid of the sad memories and emotions. You will find the way to connect with positive events in your family and this will reveal many positive events that have been happening around you and you had no idea about.

The novelty the Stars bring to your affective life will allow many Capricorns to practice forgiveness. The easiest way to be is the way that won’t make you regret your actions. You will feel a new cycle starts in your life today.

Capricorn, you will let go of the fears in your life and you will move towards your dreams. The good influence of Uranus from Taurus on your sign will make you live mischievous adventures you wouldn’t have dared to live in the past.

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You will begin the week with a lot of energy! You feel alive and full of stamina. You will be able to deal with unresolved issues regarding payments and taxes. Being able to bring closure to such a tedious topic will make you feel wonderful.

You feel accompanied by the energy of the Stars. Luck manifests itself through little synchronic acts and everything goes back to place. Come on, start doing what you have to do and don’t be afraid to flow with this lightness the Stars have given you. Take advantage of this day because things are easier today, Capricorn.

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The planets will influence your health and will make you take care of your body responsibly. The influence of the Stars could make you suffer from annoying allergies. Try to avoid cigarettes and smoke, and don’t expose yourself to harmful substances.

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