Ignore criticism and stay true to yourself - Capricorn Horoscope for Saturday, January 30, 2021

Some might criticize you without even knowing the reasons behind your actions – choose to ignore them


The Stars will give you extra energy to enjoy your love life, Capricorn. You will discover your eroticism from a different dimension thanks to the position of the Stars – especially if you dare to open yourself to this astral energy.

Some might not know the reason behind your actions but you shouldn't pay attention to their comments. Some people who don't even know you might criticize. However, if you chose to ignore them and decide to give in to novelty, you will be able to change many aspects of your life.

The Moon in Virgo will help you avoid many problems, especially if you're trying to keep a relationship secret.

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Focus your attention on what's really important, Capricorn. You may have many distractions today and you could end up losing money. You will have problems to focus on your projects today.

You hate arguments because of material things. Remember that we come into this world without material possessions and we leave it empty-handed too. When someone close takes advantage of you because of material issues, it makes you angry and drains your energy.

The lucky number for Capricorn today is 22. This number points the need to continue bringing out the best in you. Believe in yourself and love what you do and you will achieve success.


If you workout without warming up first, you could hurt your muscles. If it's too late and your muscles are already sore, remember that painkillers aren't always the best solution. Self-medication is not a good idea and it will only cover the symptoms.

If you suffer from a muscle contraction, you can try massaging the area with arnica oil and you will start to feel relieved soon.

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