Capricorn Horoscope Sunday 2020

Your uniqueness is your best asset - Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, August 30, 2020

Admitting your singularity will help you recognise your feelings so that you will know the best path for you


There’s no way you can correct the problems in your love life without trying a bit. Leave your pride behind and try to trust others. Expecting the best from your partner will be your biggest effort today.

Competing and always trying to win every argument might be deteriorating your relationship and make you end up wasting time and emotional energy. It’s a good day to project a moment of kindness and leisure. Go for a walk or watch a film together.  Such activities can give you a calm and safe space you need to retake a difficult conversation that can be quite upsetting.

You will feel more sensual and vital than other days. The desire to act and go after your wishes will be greater than in the past. You’re under a very good influx of the Stars that will allow you to get everything you want. Those Capricorns who are married will probably make up after a fight, and those who are single and looking for love will be able to find it where they least expect it.

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The influence of the Stars will make you plan the new steps you will have to follow next week. You could feel confused and not know what the best option for your future is. Maybe you will spend some time trying to find out about other people’s experiences in social networks. Admit your singularity and it will help you recognise your feelings so that you will know the best path for you, your abilities, and your resources, Capricorn.

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You need to balance your habits, Capricorn. Organize your timetables, your moments of rest, and your diet, and be strict with your schedule.

You should know that by the evening you could be a victim of gluttony and you could end up eating too many cakes or sugary products that won’t do you any good.

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