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Daily Horoscope for Capricorn for Saturday, April 30, 2022

Capricorn, you're always honest with your words


Capricorn, you should develop some smarts. Remember that not all those around you are entirely honest with their words. Some might speak out of fear or just pure malice.

That's why you should always go straight ahead. Assume that good faith isn't the only force that moves the world. 

Sharpen your wits. You don't need to become a cynic – what a bitter mindset! You should just try to acquire certain emotional intelligence tools. This will help you read into the intentions of those around you.


The Daily Horoscope predicts a good day in terms of finances. You are on a roll, Capricorn!

Take advantage of the help offered by the stars today to embark on a new project. Do it with passion – there are many pleasures that aren't a matter of money.

Value your time and devote yourself to what you're passionate about. Material resources will be provided in the form of a partner or an unusual opportunity.

Believe in the plans of the universe. They always favour you after all.


Capricorn, don't show your cards too early. Your prediction for work calls for caution so don't talk too much. You shouldn't always share your plans with your colleagues. 

You have an idea in mind right which could be your big breakthrough! Avoid revealing details of your project. You don't want your competitors to take credit for your creativity.

Work in silence and consider patenting your creation. Don't feel bad for being suspicious, Certain situations call for great caution.


Capricorn, you should tell the difference between the natural fatigue of a day well spent and sheer exhaustion. You're of little use when your energy is so low.

Your behaviour is closely connected to the processes of the earth. And rest is one of them.

Sleep is a powerful fuel which you deeply enjoy. Respect the needs of your body and give yourself time to relax.

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