Capricorn Horoscope Friday 2020

Thinking alone will clarify your perception - Capricorn Horoscope for Friday, July 3, 2020

By objectively analyzing your circumstances you will find that you have much to be thankful for


It will be an unusual day in terms of emotional life. You'll have the chance to spend some time alone. A moment of solitude in which you will analyze your feelings or sensations regarding the path your life is taking.

Putting your ideas in order will give you more security against some not very pleasant words that you might hear from the person you trust the most. You seem to hear the voice of truth and the tone may be a little overpowering for someone who has the good trait of moderation.

You shouldn't be offended, Capricorn.  The astral aspects awaken the tendency to exaggerate emotions. When you know what the astral cycle brings, it is much easier for you to prevent problems.

The single natives will get the invitation they've been dreaming of. A special date that they should take advantage of.

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It's a perfect day to get rid of all the weight and discomfort. It's the only way forward, lightweight, Capricorn.

It is also an ideal date to have conversations to organize trips and project new studies.

The lucky number for Capricorn natives this Friday is 101.  This number is magic and indicates a new cycle in your life. Close a door and begin a new path.


The moon in the sign of Sagittarius predisposes to leg and hip problems. If you tend to have sciatic nerve pain, watch out for exertion and sudden movements.

Many times the lack of muscle training triggers ailments that can become chronic if not taken into account in time.

There are several practices that prevent nerve inflammation and improve circulation, avoid varicose veins and cellulite. Preventing these problems is not only favourable for your health but also for your aesthetics.