Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday

Get ready to enjoy with all your senses - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

You need to take a break in order to enjoy life and organize your future


You may feel a bit insecure about your relationship after the tense moments you've experienced lately, Capricorn. This is completely normal and you probably need to do something in order to feel secure. Get to know your partner's feelings and the projects they want to carry out with you. It's important that you know their dreams and wishes for the future.

Being alone to seek refuge won't help your relationship at all. On the contrary, this distance will only become more and more uncomfortable for you two.

If you're single, today isn't the best day to try and begin a relationship. This type of movement can cause a confusing situation. The Moon afflicted to Neptune will make you trust someone who is actually very different from what you had imagined. Their morals and ideals will oppose yours so don't waste your precious energy with this person.

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If you choose to work hard and devote your time and energy to your career, you will be able to reap great benefits. This will earn you recognition in your field. You will receive praise and great support from those who see our abilities and don't want you to leave the company. You will be surprised to receive praise from someone you didn't expect to.

If you're trying to begin a new activity or start a new project, the Stars advise you to take a break in order to analyse the variables in the market. You need to act carefully in order to avoid mistakes. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will help you shed some light on this topic and see things from a new perspective.


It's time you enjoy your own company and improve your well-being. You don't depend on anybody or anything in order to be happy and relax. Go for a walk in the forest or the park, sunbathe, stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds sing. All these little things will remind you of the joy of being alive.

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