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Maybe you don't know what you really feel - Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, March 29, 2021

If you think life is being unfair you only need to be patient: you will soon see your enemies getting what they deserve


Capricorn, you will still receive the energy of the Moon today. You will finally realize that understanding is crucial when beginning a new bond and you will abandon the rigid behaviour that characterized you in the past.

The Stars predict that a lot of energy will affect your family life and your feelings. The friction between the Moon in Libra and Venus in Aries will lead you to go through extreme situations. You won't be able to tell whether you are the source of the conflict or the other person.

The position of the planets will make you prone to greater sensitivity. This can make you feel confused and it will make it difficult to understand your emotional motivations and the behaviour you have with your loved ones. But don't worry, Capricorn, this is only a brief circumstance and you will soon see everything clearly.

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Don't miss the chance to keep evolving in your career. You will be able to see how those who are doing the same as you without any ability start to fall. Someone in your field is trying to copy your ideas and steal your creativity but this shouldn't be an excuse for you to lose your temper. Control your emotions and be patient because you will soon see how this person gets what they deserve.

Lies and tricks don't last forever and the planetary energy in Aries – the sign of bravery and extreme honesty – will make every manipulation and cheat come to the surface.

Trust that the fire will transform everything that isn't useful for you. Maybe you will think this is something negative but you will soon feel the positive effects this has on your progress.


The day can become pretty stressful for you, Capricorn. There are many things to take into consideration today and this could translate into physical discomfort. You may suffer from a headache or neck or lower back pain. There are some exercises that can help you feel much better if this is your case so make sure you save some time to stretch.

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