Capricorn Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You need to learn how to express your feelings - Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, July 29, 2020

You need to change the way you express yourself before others see you as someone cold and distant


You will have to work hard today if you want to find peace. You will feel a superior force that leads you to think about the conditions in which you’ve your relationships. You will see the problems you could have avoided by expressing your feelings differently.

Your partner might show you clear examples of the difficulty you’ve had in communicating at some point. It’s a person you love a lot and you believed it could be unconditional, but now you discover that sustaining this relationship won’t be that easy.

Your tough character can be seen as a cold wall for some and you could be projecting an image of distance that tells people that your heart is locked. You need to change the way you express yourself before it’s too late.

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The Stars point a tendency to complications for the natives of Capricorn. Failing to meet the deadline, no matter if the task is not that important, could bring you some problems and you will have to reschedule your day.

All the issues regarding your professional life are connected to each other so it’s normal if you get angry when you feel you can’t control the outcome. This need to control comes from the sense of superiority that characterises your sign but you shouldn’t let this affect your mood. Try delegating some responsibilities and you will have more energy to deal with other important tasks.

Your lucky number this Wednesday is 18. This number will make you look inside and you will find the answer to many questions you have about your material life.


The influence of the Stars will make you feel weak today. The reason isn’t organic; it’s not your body but your mood that makes you feel this way. You will get over it once you find the source and you take your feelings seriously.