The Capricorn sign with a blue background

Your heart will open to new emotions - Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, December 29, 2020

You will be willing to live life to the fullest and ready to express your feelings without prejudices


Capricorn, some of the problems you’ve been through in your family life will bring change and benefits that will be very positive for you. These changes will also favour your relationship. The Moon in Cancer will make you feel your life with more intensity. You tend to be seen as someone cold and distant but deep inside you’re a sensitive person who needs some love. Part of this change will be your ability to express these needs.

Some natives are going through a time of difficulties when it comes to communication with the partner. If you give in to this negativity you could have arguments, distancing, and cold looks. You should try to make an effort and observe everything you have in order to value your relationship – even if you think it’s the end.

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It’s the end of a time of difficulties and you’re entering a time of calm and prosperity. These times when making ends meet was an effort will be part of the past.

You can expect a time of greater abundance and you will be able to sort out your finances. Maybe you will even be able to save some money for extreme situations!

Being careful when managing your economy and budgeting will make you meet some objectives you had set in the past.

You’re going through a vocational change and business could be part of a new dawn for you. You’re excited about the idea of setting up your own business.


Capricorn, the Stars show a tendency to heal easily once you undergo the right treatment.

The relationship between emotions and physical well-being will become obvious today. Your inner state can become physical discomfort in your abdominal area. Find a peaceful and harmonious moment to eat today.

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